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Ah! Honey!






Parsons' Gold Apiaries offer raw Ohio wildflower honey in various sizes.

Most hives if worked correctly in the nectar producing periods of the year can make many lbs. of honey per colony.  Most beekeepers do not provide enough boxes for the produciton of honey and fall way short of what a hive can do in the summer months.  Contact us and we will give you the right information for making lots and lots of honey each season.  We know how to add the queen excluder also to help you have less to no supers of honey with baby bees in the honey boxes.

If anyone wants honey in the larger sized containers they need to plan now for that size order!

In many states in the USA the warm part of the summer season honey is produced when there is high heat, plenty of sunny days and no rain.  Honeybees are massing large amounts of honey this month!  Honey will sell rapidly so do not wait to contact honey producers if you want to stock pile large amounts of honey for this winter and beyond.  No two season are ever alike and this season 2016 might be one special season in several decades due to how dry it has been lately!

8 oz. Honey Bear      $4.00

12 oz. Honey Bear    $5.00

16 oz. Jar of Honey   $6.00

22 oz. Jar of Honey   $8.00

45 oz. Jar of Honey - Quart    $14.00

180 oz. Container   -  Gallon     $60.00 - Buckets are food safe with locking lids.

900 oz. Container  -  5 Gallons   $230.00 - Buckets are food safe with locking lids.

jar  $6.00

22 oz. mason jar - Pint container  $8.00

45 oz. qt container   $14.00

1gal container   $45.00

5 gal food safe bucket with locking lid $190.00.

All this honey above are pick up prices so if you want any shippped that price will be related to weight per items and distance to you.