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Parsons' Gold Solution

Parsons' Gold Solution will keep your honeybees healthy.


Loaded Syringe - 33 treatments   $20.00

Herbal Jelly


250 treatment packet  $30.00

Oil Concentrate.


500 treatment packet.  $45.00

Oil concentrate


Other sizes and prices below.





Parsons’ Gold Solution Bee Grooming Stimulant

Solves Honey Bee Problems!!!

Safely keeps  your bee hives healthy year around without dangerous chemicals.

This product is not a pesticide, but it helps bees rid themselves of mites.

This product contains only natural edible plant extracts proven effective in double blind studies for

five years.  It is safe to use year around, through the honey flow and will not get in the honey, wax or bother any stage of the bee. 

Will not harm humans or animals.  It is safe enough to eat with a spoon. 



If you start a treatment program at any other time for the first time start with the above steps 


Herbal Jelly is a combination of herbal extracts pre-mixed into a gel for easy application.

It is placed on a plastic insert that is slipped into the front entrance of the hive.  Jelly side up under the bottom bars.  It’s the fumes that

do the job. This safe treatment helps the bees keep the whole hive healthy. This treatment was

developed in 1991 to address problems that bring down the health of bees.   Drones can come from many

miles away and can carry with them mites and other problems.   Mites can carry diseases!

When this treatment is in the hive beekeepers find that the small hive Beetle does not even like to come in.

The small Hive Beetle moves in and out of hives at night.  You do not want this Beetle in your hive. 


Oil Concentrate contains the same herbal extracts as the Herbal Jelly, but you mix it with

light cooking oil like Canola.  Very large operations find the concentrate a time saver.

Use a household sprayer to squirt onto the underside of the inner cover,

on to the end bars of frames after smoking them down some and in front entrance

 of the brood box.  It may be sprayed on inserts and placed in the front entrance sprayed

side upward or onto a paper towel and placed into the hive on top of a cluster of bees.


Directions for Use of Parsons’ Gold Solution Herbal Jelly

Use an insert of plastic about 4" x 8" or 5" x 8" to apply the treatment.

Place an amount of the Herbal Jelly about the volume of a pea on one insert.

Rub 2 inserts together to coat 3/4th of each insert.  A Jelly goes a long way. 

This will be 2 treatments one for one hive and the other for another hive. Carry coated inserts 

sandwiched together with the herbal treatment on each.  Put each set of  inserts together in a

plastic bag or container  sealed with a twist tie. Separate them only when

 you get to each hive to keep the fumes from escaping.  Slide the treatment of the Herbal Jelly

or Concentrate in the hive on the bottom board, treatment side upward under the brood nest. The treatment will last

for a few days before each insert can be taken out. It is best to treat every week

 for 3 to 4 weeks in a row to start, then once a month there after.  I like to treat every other week after the start up.

If I miss a treatment in the 4 in a row schedule I start all over tell I get 4 in a row accomplished.


(Prices are subject to change without notice)


Each order related to the Parsons' Gold Solution  

$.01 to $99.00      S/H fee........$8.00

$ 100.00 and up    S/H fee........$13.00

If an order were to go into the $100.00's of dollars

that would be a different price but so far most orders

are slightly over $100.00.


Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers   

MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card


Call number below to order products


Parsons' Gold Solution  Herbal Jelly Treatments - Sizes & Prices

100 treatments  1 oz  $25.00

500 treatments  5 oz $110.00

2500 treatments 1 qt $260.00

10,000 treatments  1 gal $750.00 (Buy 3 Quarts.-Get One Free) As little as $.075 per treatment


Directions for use of Parsons’ Gold Solution in Oil Concentrate

Mix the packet of herbal extracts with a cooking oil, like Canola, in the amount indicated on the

 instructions with your concentrate oil packet. Put the mixture into a common household

sprayer.  Apply every week for 3 to 4 weeks, not missing even one week and then once a month

thereafter. Use one squirt or a half a squirt of mixed Oil Concentrate for every 10” of hive

(or about every hive body).  Spray onto the underside of the inner cover or on a plastic insert

 for the front entrance. (Some larger beekeepers are using a paper towel lightly soaked with the mixed

oil and place it on top of the brood). Using the concentrate is much faster then the Herbal Jelly

and can be placed high up under an inner cover. Spraying with the concentrate can have an effect of calming

the bees before starting to work with the colony or spraying a few days before working some aggressive

colonies.  Some beekeepers combine the Herbal Jelly with the Concentrate by putting jelly on the

bottom and the concentrate under the inner cover.


Parsons' Gold Solution  in  Oil Concentrate -  Sizes and Prices  

250 treatments  1 cup  $30.00

500 treatments  1 pint $45.00

1000 treatments 1 quart $65.00



Fell free to call or send us a E-Mail with any additional questions.