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extractor 1_5.jpg

Economy Stainless Steel Extractor - New a several years ago

We are pleased to offer this two frame imported economy honey extractor. 

Will hold all sizes of frames.  Easy crank handle and high polished

stainless makes this the best economy extractor on the market!

We sold 30 machines when they first hit the US market!. 


Today March 14, 2018 beekeepers have completed their 2017 Honey crop!  (If we are sold out of this extractor we can still get you one of these fairly fast)


About # 6 years ago this exactor was sold out Nationwide at least # 3 times in a #5 month period.


Don't be one of the beekeepers that can not get a machine when your hives are full of honey!

Drive here and save but remember to call first to see if we are here and we have this machine on hand!


$285.00* S/H on top of this cost

Each honey extractor comes in it's own box

* Shipping prices vary from state to state and some states charge taxes.  

   Shipping for this machine today for this extractor is close to $40.00 to $50.00.00 if your loacation is about 500 miles away from Forest, OH.

junior bench no kit.jpg

Junior Bench Extractor

Stainless steel hand powered. Capacity: 2 frames (91/8" deep maximum) per load. SS extracting basket and SS top assembly. Piano style continuously hinged lid. Easily converts to 175-lb, storage container. (Frames must be removed and turned to extract both sides). 1½" plastic honey gate included. Tank: 24 gauge, Type 304 SS, 14" dia. x 23¼" tall, all MIG welded construction.  Stainless steel stand sold separately.

We sold out of this machine one spring some years ago quickly!    We can order in quickly one or more machines if someone wants one or more.  This extractor is made in the USA and is an excellent machine!   We have placed many of these in past seasons too.

   The honey months come fast so plan ahead!  As soon as persons get their honeybees they will then start to think about a Honey Extractors!

Today March 14, 2018 we are thinking honey extractor for summer 2018.  Let us know still in the winter if you want one of them.

Black Locust nectar is a major producer for spring hive build up in the spring.  I once got 40 lbs. of honey just from that bloom. 

Honey Extractors may soon be sold out nationwide in all sizes and shapes!  Don't wait tell you can't get one this year!! 

Extractor only. *$444.00   

Steel Stand.   $98.00

* Shipping prices vary from state to state and some states charge taxes.

Shipping for just the extractor today 12-16-2017 runs right at $70.00.

S&H for both of these pieces above will cost right  close to $95.00 if your location is about 500 miles from Forest, OH






junior bench.jpg

Junior Bench Extractor Kit 

The Junior Bench Extracting kit is the perfect extracting set up for the beginning beekeeper. The kit comes complete with 1 Junior Bench two frame extractor and stand, 1 bottling bucket kit, 1 speed king electric knife, plastic uncapping tub and 1 capping scratcher$795.00*

I got in this extractor without the extra equipment mentioned above.   If someone wanted this set up above all that I would have to do is add to it the electric knife and the extractor stand.

Today March 14, 2018 highlighted above makes an excellent combination for a beekeeper wanting the right equipment for extracting his or her honey needs this coming summer .   If you come and would want that group of items highlighted they can be ordered for you to have here when you come or shipped to you.  If all the extras come with this extractor shipped it would be 4 packages.

Remember this, when nector is flowing you might have 100 pounds in a week or two and then what will you do if you had not planned for that honey haul?

I get in such stories all the time as in: "Help what now Mr. Parsons my supers are full of honey and I need this equipment yesterday."

* Shipping prices vary from state to state and some states charge taxes.  This set up will get the beekeeper into all the needed equipment for a smooth process to get the extracting business done.  This will most likely come in # 4 pakgs. if it is shipped to the customer.   If you come here you will be able to secure all that you need quicker and not have to wait on the mail and the line up getting the order shipped.  Most customers that order all this equipment together are super happy.  

To have all this shipped would be well over $100.00.  Call for a price check if you would need items shipped.

little wonder.jpg

 Little Wonder Extractor Kits

A step up in size from the Junior Bench but the little wonder extracting kit is perfect for the hobby beekeeper. It is available in both hand and power styles. This four frame extractor comes complete with extractor and stand, 1 bottling bucket kit, 1 speed king electric knife, plastic uncapping tub and 1 capping scratcher. Today March 14, 2018 all beekeepers are planning for spring soon and we hope for an early spring when the bees will again start flying.  Place your order before extracting equipment is nearly sold out for 2018! 

Hand Extractor Kit  $896.00* If shipped will be in 4 packages - S/H fee not included here

Power Extractor Kit  $1,112.00* If shipped will be in 5 packages  - S/H fee not included here

* Shipping prices vary from state to state and some states charge taxes.  This set up with all included makes this a very good deal for the beginner that wants just a little more bang for the buck!

S&H will be based on right at 113 lbs place distance.  If a buyer wants to pick this up when they come for bees that can be arranged.  However, with the increaseing damand for honeybees and equipment a buyer

wll need to order and pay in full so I can get it to me and have it ready for you when you come.  Keep checking back soon for any changes in pricing.


 Ranger Extractor Kit

For those who prefer a radial extractor this is for you. The Ranger extracting kit is available in both the power and hand styles. It is capable of extracting 6 - 6 1/4'' frames or shallow frames radially or three deep frames tangentially by using the optional baskets. The 6 frame radial extractor comes complete with extractor and stand, 1 bottling bucket kit, 1 speed king electric knife, plastic uncapping tub and 1 capping scratcher.  Today March 14, 2018 beekeepers are calling with increasing speed trying to get ahead of the group as spring comes closer!

Ranger Hand Extractor Kit  $945.00*  S/H fees not included - this order takes 4 packages

Ranger Power Extractor Kit  $1,264.00 S/H fees not included - this order takes 5 packages

Optional baskets for deep frames sold separately  $145.00*

* Shipping prices vary from state to state and some states charge taxes. 

The buyer of this set up does not need to place this extractor on steel legs but can buld a wooden stand.  I have used extractors like this but way larger ones and placed them on high blocks and super heavy wooden structors that spread the weight around.  Some of my platforms were so designed that I never had to drill a hole in the floor either.  You will want to lash a machine of this type to the heavy duty wooden structure.

The uncapping container, capping scratcher, electric uncapping knife and the bottling equipment makes this value super helpful!   

If you see that this set up suits you it is highly advisabvle to order early as several year ago at one point buyers were coming to me to get the last remaining extractors in the nation as I had the only two left. I shipped one to CA and the other one was picked up here from a beekeeper out of Columbus, Ohio.

This equipment above can come with as many as 4 to 5 boxes.