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Basic Necessary Bee Yard Equipment

Basic Equipment To Keep Bees


Cotton Poly Jacket - $79.00

For quick trips to the bee yard, a hooded jacket gets the the job done. Secure, safe and cool.

Heavy Duty Zippers

Unobstructed Vision

Relaxed Fit

Elastic Waist

M00926---4x7-Stainless-Stee no shield.jpg

Stainless Steel Premium Smoker - $42.00 

 This Smoker is of excellent quality with superior bellow design!  This smoker is used by many beekeepers but comes without a shield.  This style is another U.S.A made product that any beekeeper can be happy having in their beekeeping supplies.  

I often take to a bee yard an extra smoker just in case my usual smoker gets damaged or falls off my truck and stops working for any reason. 

When one is working large numbers of colonies such as 30 to 40 per yard you need a smoker at all times!

M00927---4x7-Stainless-Stee w shield.jpg

Stainless Steel Smoker with Shield - $38.00 to $49.00 ea.

This size smoker is excellent for the beekeeper that wants economy as well as quality in a smoker. You can't beat a stainless steel smoker and with a shield too. 



Hive Tool - $9.00

Heat treated to provide the strength needed for those tough prying jobs and with a scraping feature.  Colors may vary.

At one time only one Hive Tool was enough for me.  However, one day my one and only hive tool went home with a beekeepers and from then on I have about a 6 to 8 hive tools so I will never be without one to work my hives.

Many beekeepers keep an extra hive tool in their truck and between the telescoping lid and inner cover.   Some even keep one in the bee yard in a place where just anyone walking up can't easily see it.