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2014 - Packages, Nucs & Queens! ! *


Wednesday - October 15, 2014

 We started this October 2014 taking

orders for Ohio nucs produced

by Parsons' Gold Apiaries. 

Pre-Season sale.  Order

and pay in full by December 1, 2014

and get nucs in Spring 2015 for 2014


These nucs are pick-up only!!

 Ohio nuc prices now:

#4 Frame with - Italian Queen - $220.00 ea.

#4 Frame with - Russian Queen - $230.00 ea.

#4 Frame with - Buckeye Bell Queen - $240.00 ea.

Still placing nucs with buyers this fall

plus if anyone would want a full size hive

we could arrange that too!

Honey is still being processed!

I am not selling queens at this time.

I had 100's of queens from 4-1-2014 to around 6-12-2014.

We shipped them nationwide all spring long!

If you need a queen at this late of a date call me.

I will steer you to a breeder that you can call.

Breeders in the Midwest will not be breeding

Queens for long do not wait too long to call!!!









**# 3 frame nucs are best for spring

as they are too small for late summer and fall


 Any nuc or hive with a marked queen

add an additional $6.00 -  2014 price.   

I usually place my nucs

 in a special cardboard nuc box

made for honeybees.



If the customer wants their order

in a pre-assembled pine nuc box

add $50.00 to the order.  

   A # 4 frame nuc buyer might

want an additional frame added

so there are no frames tossing around

 in a #5 frame nuc box.

   An aditional new frame add $4.00

 for your order.

  These nucs are assembled and glued

with waterproof glue

 and I like to paint them too if  time permits.

  All orders for special wooden boxes

need to be placed way ahead of time.


Freshly painted nuc boxes will cost an 

additional fee if not already painted.


A wooden nuc box is

nearly 12 separate parts before

  they are assembled.



Another way that persons order

honeybees is to have the nuc already

inside a deep box, the addional 4 or 5

frame added, a telescoping lid, 

  inner cover, and

screened the bottom board

attached with hive staples. 

I will screen the entrance so

when the buyer

arrives all they have

to do is load it and go


It is best to place honeybees

no matter how contained in

the back of a pick-up truck.


Some place them

into any sort of vehicle too.


No matter how they are

transported much care is

needed with honeybees

where an individual is

also near!


With this set up above the buyer

has the cost of the nuc and all the

additional parts of the hive

so this is less work once the

bees are at your home place

or apiary.


When you move

a nuc the lid

should be attached

in some way so the

bees inside can get some

air to vent the box.

I will screen the entrance

and this will help a lot

unless the nuc has to move

in extreme heat and for

many hours of travel.


 It is very important that anyone

transporting honeybees run the

air conditioner and keep the

hive away from direct sun light too.


Do not leave your vehicle with

a hive inside closed up.  If you

need to eat it is best to go to a

drive up and keep the air conditioner going.


It is very important to make your

trip here and home in one day

if you can't then bring another

diver so your vehicle is constantly

in motion!    



 A #4 or #5 frame nuc can often be used upon

 receiving it for several days when you

 haul them to your area of the country.

Ask me and I will tell you the size of each

nuc as in days that this or that once can be

left inside before installing them into a

larger area.


  I have produced

nucs/larger hives

for buyers

 here in OH for

16 consective seasons.


 New beekeepers want honeybees at all times

 of the year as there is no normal time

 to start keeping honeybees.

I have placed many hives as late

 as middle of November of any

 given season with success! 

  If you get a hive late you will want to talk

 with me on how to treat this

 colony in late fall and winter time.

There are no guarntees for success

as beekeeping is a super interesting experience

and you learn as you go.

   No two queens are the same and

the queen makes the hive. 

 I still learn something each year


I am starting my 48th year in 2014.


Your colony is your responsiblity

 and when you leave with your order

 the responsibiltiy of the life

of the queen and the bees

in a nuc rests with you.



The moment you as the new beekeeper

gets your hive home and starts learning anything

 can happen to that queen.


How you remove and replace each frame

 with honeybees on each is up to you

 and so this venture is personal and ever changing.


It is first come first served and the

 wait might be longer then

you want due

 to when I hear from

you.   What hives are

 ready for each new


or returning beekeeper.


I get in callers daily some are just

 looking wanting to know the best

 deal and calling to shop around. 


The problem often rests

 with the beekeepers that

 waits too long to settle

 with this or that provider.


At this time of the year 

up to some time

 in late November/December 

providers and breeders

 start getting together with prices

for the next year.  

Orders just

 keep on mounting.  Don't wait

too long to pick a provider.

Some of us have nearly

unlimited supplies

 of honeybees at different

 times of the year

 and some don't have that

 many units to market.


I stress to all that call me or are

reading this right now that

there is a time to smell

  the roses so to speak

 and there is a time to settle

 on this or that provider.


My advice for you is to find a provider

 that knows honeybees

and has provided bees

 for buyers for many years.


Ones that just put out

his or her sign that spring

you might want to steer clear of.

   You want a company that has done this

 for some time

or a company that was

 doing honeybees for

years but not

just for buyers. 


I was a beekeeper

with my own hives

 for 30 + years before I said I

 was in business for others.














 We market a treatment - will help honeybees deal with problems in the hive


Parsons' Gold Solution 


A safe non toxic treatment!


Do not let anyone tell you one can't make honey in the first season.


My web site talks about this treatment and particulars for it to be mailed. 
















Hiving packages of bees.


Hiving packages of bees.

(See FAQ to decide whether you

want a package of bees or a nuc.)


* We take great care with honeybee related to nucs, full sized hives, bee related equipment and other produces sold here.

Nucs in cardboard boxes made for honeybees in our care are put in a building out of the sun as soon as possible with fans to provide ventilation when made up for buyers.   This is done for buyers that are coming soon.  

We are not responsible for any bees or bee items after they leave our care!

Note:   Our nucs weather permitted have a mated queen inside unless other arrangements are set in place.  Nucs that we make up in Forest, OH are usually on combs.

Some orders come in where the buyer wants say a 3 frame, 4 frame or 5 frame nuc.  In this case if the buyer gets this size such as a 3 frame or a 4 frame in a 5 frame container it is best to add the extra frame(s) to keep the nuc frames from swaying from side to side killing bees and maybe the queen if she is in with the bees on the combs.  The buyer would then want to purchase an extra frame and that should be set up with us during the first contact so I can have it in the nuc box when the buyer comes for the nuc. 

Usually I have the nuc already prepared due to Ohio weather changing from morning to p.m. quickly.  It is not advisable to set up a nuc in the rain of chilly weather and often when the buyer comes the weather in the spring here has changed to rain or super cool in a few hours.   This is the reason why I put the completed nuc in a building when finished usually with a fan running if too warm. 

If at all possible I talk with the buyer before a purchase about the order that a beekeeper wants.  Some beekeepers when they come ask for a nuc not ordered before their specific date.  In a case like this one has to take what I have as getting what they might want at the last minute is just not possible.  I have to tell the buyer this is all that I have ready without first hand notice like several days or weeks before.   

Due to cool spring weather here in OH we are slowed often due to how each day progresses.  In summer and fall each year I try to have many # 4 or # 5 frame nucs generated from our supplies.  Nucs from here in OH produced in the middle of the summer will not be ready till later in August or September.    New beekeepers do not know to place orders early it takes many seasons for me to get some beekeepers to think early.  With knowledge one can over winter a colony started in August, September and even October.  A new beekeeper contacted me one year and wanted then two full sized hives two deeps.  I told the beekeeper exactly what to do and both hives made it through the winter well!  That set up in 2014 would cost a persons well over $400.00.  Ones wanting a hive with two deeps, honey, brood and bees is a lot for the money!!

I might or might not have nucs or full sized hives ready past June for different reasons so this is why I say to beekeepers you must contact us early so we can better prepare for what each feels is their need.   Plan to pay in full at time of order as we don't consider your order firm unless we have that order paid for in advance!

This payment option happens when there is just too many wanting nucs and the numbers are small.  Each year is different so check when you call or we will tell you that sort of thing when you call.    

Please call or Email us if you want to order - Honeybee nucs or full size hives from today onward!  Today is August 21, 2014 and callers are making contact almost daily now.   You will want to arrange for some slots soon before November 2914 if you want bees still in 2014.  What happenes each year when crunch time arrives orders flood in at the last minute.  Nearly half of all beekeeepers wanting honeybees fail to act in time and can't get the easy way to start into honeybees with a packages and a queen from April to end of May.    However, you out there that want bees in the spring need to plan now in August to November for bees in 2015.