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Good Used Honeybee Equipment  (To date I have stopped the sale of my used bee equipment due to need this season so far) 

In most cases all this equipment below has been painted at one time.   I often touch up different items but

that is hard to do when one has 100's of bee boxes.

       I am not interested in shipping equipment that is used on a large scale. 

           It is very costly in time and money to box used assembled equipment.

           Just the cardboard box can cost from between $50.00 to $75.00.


          Used equipment that I have for sale has been painted at one time.  

          My used equipment comes in many colors.

             When someone has equipment to paint one buys what is on sales.  

           I try to add paint here and there as needed. 


       Empty pine deeps painted at one time in the past:       $9.00 ea.

       Empty pine mediums painted at one time in the past:  $8.00 ea. 

       Empty pine shallows painted at one time in the past:   $7.00 ea. 


                   When spring arrives like March 2016!

              I will have little time to see my inventory of equipment! 


            Used deep boxes scrapped some paint as is:     $7.00 ea.

            Used med. boxes scrapped some paint as is:     $6.00 ea.

            Used shallow boxes scrapped some paint as:    $5.00 ea.


                 Much has been sold since 2015 


                 *Honey or Brood Deeps #9 frames - D/Comb   $75.00 ea.  

                  *Honey or Brood Mediums #8 frames - D/C $65.00 ea. 

           From #1 Deep box -  a beekeeper can make on the low side - $780.00

                                         from honey sales.   

                     This is why drawn comb is so valuable!

             As of today there is no drawn comb for any buyers

        It takes good weather, an abundance of nectar or 

 lots of feeding for bees to draw large amount of comb.


                   I have sold nucs every year for 18 years this spring!

      Telescoping Lids - Light duty - $10.00 ea. / Heavy duty - $12.00 ea.

      *Solid Bottom Boards. - Light duty - $10.00 ea. / Heavy duty - $13.00 ea.

        Inner Covers - Light duty - $6.00 ea. / Heavy duty - $8.00 ea.

      *If I had more  used bottom boards they would be for sale at a reduced price too. 

       Today the only bottom boards that I have for sale are new ones.