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New Equipment



  "The Perfect Pocket Hive Tool"

This will easily fit in any pocket 

and not harm the pocket or vehicle seat

cover like the standard Hive Tool can! 

Will not rust but will be drawn to a magnet

in your pocket to hold the hive tool there.

Make sure you have many so you can have them

  even on top of an inner cover in each apiary!!

Each sells for $8.00 -S/H if needing shipped.

New " Beetle Blaster" Traps


This Product Is A Safe Non Toxic Trap That Will Hold The Small Hive Beetle Until It Dies.

 The Beekeeper Primes The Trap With A Small Amont Of Vegetable Oil.

The Trap When Ready Is Placed Between Two Frames In The Brood Area.

Small Hive Beetles Are Looking For Places To Hid To Get Away From Honeybees.

The Hive Beetle Gets Coated In The Trap And Soon Dies From Sufficaiton. 

The Area for The (Small Hive Beetles) Is Advancing And They Are Now In Northern States!

I Just Got Word October 13, 2010 That the Hive Beetle Are As High Up In Ohio As Cleveland!

  One Trap Place in the Middle Of The Brood Two Traps Place Each Side Of The Brood Area


Propolis Traps  - $11.00 ea.

 Dry Propolis sells for right at $1.00 or more per oz!


New this week the Sundance Pollen Trap

 Clean freeze dried Pollen sells for $1.50 per oz.


Top Mount - $63.00 ea.

Bottom Mount - $73.00 ea.


The Suggestions Are # 2 

Small Hive Beetle  Traps Per Brood Box


  #1  -  #49 Traps       $3.00 ea. + S/H

 #50  -  #99 Traps     $2.50 ea. + S/H

#100  -  Traps And Up     $2.30 ea. + S/H


Call And Make An Appointment

Come Here And Save On S/H

Now that gas prices are 


 Shipping costs are super high


Our stock each season starts increasing 

 January to March

for all the beekeepers that come

for honeybees and equipment.


If you want basic Bee equipment

 you need to contact me

as early as possible

to make sure we have 

what you want in stock!

Honeybee related equipment

often is not always in stock

in large volumes

tell about February each year 


Numbers can change over

night due to heavy volume 


Beekeepers come from 300 to 600

miles away and get more then

less due to few places

to buy such items.



 New Pine is the Standard Wood Here.

Most of this Equipment Is Assembled 


The Most Up To Date Pricing

for This Website is:

This Page!


New Deep Boxes $25.00 to $35.00 ea.

Add $6.00 ea. for painted equipment if available!


If you are ordering all the basic equipment

for a standard hive and you want us to do

it all for you paint too, add $30.00 to the order

This become more limited item as the

orders increase as spring heats up.


New Medium Boxes $20.00 to $24.00 ea.

Add $6.00 ea. for painted box if available

New Pine Shallow Boxes  $ coming soon

 All Season Inner Cover $30.00 ea.

(This items above saved many hives nationwide this past winter!!!)

 Pine Telescoping Lids $23.00 ea.

 Pine Inner Cover $12.00 ea.

 Pine Screened Bottom Boards $23.00 ea.

 Add $6.00 for any Pine equipment painted

 Smoker with/Shield Domed S.S. Economy $38.00 ea.

Smoker with/out a Shield Domed top S. S.  $36.00 ea.

  Smoker our best with a Shield Cone top S.S.  $48.00 ea. 


Face Protection

  Vented Helmet   $16.00 ea.

  Folding Veil  $24.00 ea.

 Veil/Hat Pullover Combo $38.00

 Hat Veil Cotton/Poly Zippered Jacket many sizes 

$79.00 ea.

Hooded Veil Cotton/Poly Zippered Jacket many sizes

 $79.00 ea.

Hat Veil Cotton/Poly Zippered Jacket many sizes

added material in the elbows

$79.00 ea.


Mega Bee Nutrition - 1 lb. Pattie - $6.00 ea

Fondant in plastic containers feed winter and spring $4.00 per container 

If supply is in Fondant 50 lb. Boxes pick up only call for pricing

Bee Brush  $12.00 ea.

Hive tool  $9.00 ea.

Round Handled Frame holder - $12.00 ea.

Queen Excluder - Improved - Plastic $9.00 ea. 

 Queen Excluder - Metal  $15.00 ea.


Honeybee light duty Leather Gloves many sizes $37.00 ea.

Honeybee heavy duty Leather Gloves many sizes $40.00 ea.

Frames - One piece coated  - Plastic

Deep Frames   1 - 9  $4.00 ea.     10 - 18  $3.75 ea.  19 plus  $3.50 ea. 


Frames  - One piece coated Plastic

Medium Frames  - 1 - 9   $3.00ea.    10 - 18  $2.75 ea.   19 plus $2.50 ea. 


New Pine Honeybee Equipment call for availability